October 26th - 28th Embassy Suites by Hilton Downtown San Diego

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Tamara Thompson, Host, Filmmaker

Allison Maslan,

Best Selling Author, Global Business Mentor

Kristin Thompson

Speaker Coach

George Griffin III,

Best Selling Author, High Performance Coach

Cassandra Bankson

Viral Youtuber

Esther Kiss, Publicist

CEO of Born To Influence

Jeff Moore

The Network

These fabulous Shark Tank inventors are joining us LIVE to share their experiences after being featured on Shark Tank.

Tara Brown, Founder of Sleep Styler, was in the Shark Tank not even 20 minutes before Lori Greiner invested $75,000 at 25% stake. Tara has since brought her brand from 75K to 45 Million.

Cyndi Lee, Founder of Safe Grabs generated 2.2 million within 3 months after her appearance and investment with Lori Greiner.

Eugenia Chen, Founder of Pandaloon, was invested in by Daymond John at 20% for $60,000. The Panda costume went viral at over 140 Million Views on Youtube and that is how her business started to take off.

Shelly Ehler, Founder of ShowNo towels, has hit major theme parks after her appearance on Shark Tank. Her produces have been found in Legoland, 6 Flags Magic Mountain, Raging Rivers, SeaWorld and Disney World to name a few.

What You'll Learn

On Days 1, 2, & 3 you will discover the fundamental principles to becoming an authority within your niche utilizing videos, PR, and media strategies.

You’ll also discover absolutely new strategies and methods from online video marketers who are ‘in-the-trenches’ building multi-million dollar businesses. This includes stuff which I’ve NEVER shared publicly taught online.

Story Selling

Story selling is one of the most critical skills a small business owner needs to succeed, but it doesn’t always come naturally. You will learn how to effectively build more influence, and confidence across multiple social media channels. Learn from a Celebrity Youtuber who has built a massive following of over 1 Million followers across social media from viral video content.

Video Marketing Research

The elite video marketers spend a good chunk of their time on research. Saving video advertisements, reviewing offers, and VSLs (video sales letters).

Learn how entrepreneurs who are building 7-figure businesses are structuring video in their business to build a loyal audience and profitable R.O.I.

Video Content

How to produce compelling video content that entices your prospects and moves them to buy. All while making a huge impact in their lives and keeping them coming back for more.


If you don’t have traffic going to your website 0r landing pages, you aren’t going to make any sales. In fact, the key to profitably growing your business is filling your sales pipeline with qualified leads. Not just any leads. That will just lead to more headache and work for you and your team. There are different sources of traffic and ones that are unique to different products/services.


Build lasting relationships by providing customers with value, perks, and a creative incentives. Learn what it takes to keep your audience attention, how to inspire sales on the spot, and how emotion plays a big part of who we are and why others are attracted to our authenticity. You will learn how to get super CREATIVE and CONSISTENT, and get UNSTUCK when coming up with new monthly content.

Attraction Marketing Video Strategies

Create, market, and sell your authority on video and through the media

using Attraction Marketing Strategies taught by Top Female Video Marketers who have generated Millions in their business.

Learn which videos convert best with Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads and which YOU should be implementing in your business based on your individual brand.


How to position yourself, your programs and services so that you effortlessly attract the perfect clients into your program and never have to chase people again.

Buyer Journey

Which videos you should be using during each stage of the buyer journey, and what new interactive technology allows for a more customer choice path experience.

and much more....

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About Tamara Thompson

Tamara Thompson is an Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker, and has directed multiple commercials, and brand story trailers. She has produced with corporate clients such as Microsoft, Starbucks and Gabriel Cosmetics, to working with TOP 10 artists from American Idol, NBC's The Voice, and currently directly episodes for Planet TV's New Frontiers Episodes involving William Shatner on Bloomberg TV.

Why am I holding this networking retreat?

Hey everyone, I'm Tamara Thompson.

I created BROADCAST YOUR AUTHORITY to encourage more women like you to grow your businesses substantially by broadcasting your authority through media, videos and social media platforms powerfully and authentically to the right audience.


After 10 years in the trenches of the film industry – as a Award-Winning respected female director, a high-paid video consultant for Fortune 500 Companies, and CEO of a Video Content Agency – I can now spot the mistakes you’re making in your video broadcasting in seconds…

And it’s not that your mistakes aren’t important.

Just the opposite — the problems I see in the market are the kind that can cripple a business fast.

Because marketing efforts are being controlled by giant behemoths such as Google and Facebook and Amazon…

Technology changes…

Algorithms change...

One day, short videos with black bars and captions work like a charm…

The next day they no longer work.

Conversions stop. Cash flow dries up.

And so many people just GIVE IN.

Listen, Your Brain Is Trying to Scare You From Broadcasting Your Authority!


And the thing is leveraging content marketing and videos is really not just an option anymore… it’s mandatory to compete online and especially for female entrepreneurs.


Out of the top 100 fastest- growing companies in the US as listed in Inc 500 with revenue of more than $1 million, 89 (or 89%) are owned or led by men and only 11 (or 11%) are owned or lead by women.


Us, women need to step up in our business because more females than ever are jumping into entrepreneurship.


The number of women-owned businesses grew 45% between 2007-2016, 5 times faster than the national average according to American Express.


And, one of the big reasons for this is because of the gender wage gap.


When my brother graduated college and applied for a job, he was offered an $80,000 career right off of the bat.


And I thought...now, it's my turn.


I graduated from college and like many alumni applied for several jobs.


And, finally... I was offered a job for... WAIT FOR IT...


$12 an hour. *GASP*


I ended up negotiating my salary up to $15 an hour. That's $28,800 a year before taxes. Hardly enough to live on and it was tough to pay back student loan debt.


But, here's the thing...


We have the ability to make more sound choices for our future.


To create more freedom, flexibility, and abundance in our lives.


But, along with those choices come sacrifices.


And not enough people have "real" conversations about what it takes to be an entrepreneur...


the countless sleepless nights, the worriment about cash flow, the self-doubt...


"Maybe I'm not cut out for this."


"Maybe I'm not smart enough."


"I should give up now and file bankruptcy."


"But, what will people think of me?"


“I’m a failure to society, I don’t belong here.”


and the list goes on and on.


Just know, you are not alone. There are people every single day going through what you go through. Everyone is human, everyone feels pain.


And it's tough because you know if you only had a mentor or someone to show you the way... you could accelerate results in your business.


I'm here to help you broadcast your authority to grow your business through media, videos and social media platforms to heights you've never seen before.


Imagine a community of powerful women who have your back at...

Join the Movement